Benefits of joining a union

A Voice In The Work Place

A Contract With Guaranteed Benefits  

Job  Security

Seniority Provisions

Better Wages

Equal Pay for Equal Work

That’s the bottom line in the world of work and union members make a lot more money than non-union employees, U.S. government figures show. Union members earn 28% more than non-union workers in wages alone, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. (If you include the value of benefits, it’s 36% more!)

People in lower paying jobs gain even more from union bargaining power. Paychecks for women with a union contract are 30% higher than for women without a union. African-American union members make 37% more than their non-union counterparts. For Hispanic union members, wages are 55% higher!

So that’s the bottom line – joining the IAM puts thousands more dollars into your pocket, year after year.

It’s a no brainer, joining the IAM is one of the smartest financial moves you can make for yourself and your family.

If you are interested in learning more about the Machinists Union, contact Secretary Treasurer/Organizer, James Mastandrea, by email at or by calling 508.274.3235. Or visit our organizing website by clicking here. All information is strictly confidential and will never be shared with your employer, or any outside entity.



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