A note from the President of 264.


Brothers and Sisters,

The Officers, Business Reps, and Executive Board say thank you to the members of Local 264 who joined Local 589 and other locals on the picket line on Thursday morning. It was a great showing of solidarity.

The recent arrests of our brothers from the leadership of the Carmens Union Local 589, is just another example of union members making a stand on the attacks on working men and women at the MBTA and throughout the this great country. These men stood up against the direction our state and country is spiraling towards, which is the complete destruction of the middle class.

Utilizing the power of doubt, republicans and corporations have made some Americans think that unions are a negative thing.

They have spent billions upon billions of dollars hoping we all will be convinced that what they are saying is the truth and distracting people from reality, while behind the scenes they work to dismantle the middle class piece by piece. This is not a new tactic. They have been eroding union and working families power and rights for a long time.
Outsourcing and privatization, are words becoming all to familiar in America. These two words we hear everyday are slowly eroding middle class America.

Republicans and Corporate America want unions out of the way because the labor movement provides constant problems for them and the reasons are simple.

We vote.
We watch.
We protect workers.
We demand equality.
We demand a fair wage.
We demand healthcare for all.
We are transparent.
We care about the greater good.

When will we realize, that we, the workers of this great country are the heart and soul of the everyday American life, and no one group or political establishment has the right to take that away?

The only way the politicians will listen is when we tell them at the polls. You must get involved, get educated, and vote.

Governor Bakers agenda is clear. He has failed to be transparent. Yet came to the table and asked all of the unions at the MBTA for our help when he needed to be successful with a $92 million dollar investment in the infrastructure at the T. We fully supported the expenditure because it the one thing labor has said all along, invest in the MBTA.

I ask you all to stay the course. Be involved. Be educated on what is happening. Be supportive of your leadership. Be attentive and understand the political environment we all are facing. Most importantly look to each other for solidarity. The fight to keep public transportation public has just begun, be prepared to be involved. Your livelihood, families, and your fellow union members are depending on it.

In solidarity,

James Mastandrea
IAM Local 264 Boston

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