Keep “Public” Transportation “Public”.

Dear Local 264 members,

Last week the MBTA’s Fiscal Management Control Board presented their yearly required report to the legislature. This particular report highlighted what they have privatized already (money room, tire shop, etc) and this report finally opened the door for more privatization, and they have turned their attention towards the jobs of bus drivers, as well as bus and train maintenance workers

Please join Local 264’s leadership, along with your fellow union brothers and sisters from the Coalition of Unions on Monday September 12th at 10:30am for a rally and informational picket at 10 Park Plaza, which is where the next FCMB meeting will be held. You should ONLY attend this if you are NOT SCHEDULED TO WORK. Everyone, including family and retirees are encouraged and invited to attend and make your collective voices heard and ask that public transportation stays public.

This is the time you must step up for your family, your livelihoods, and your union sisters and brothers. Please get involved.

In solidarity,

Local 264 Officers and Executive Board.


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